MT2 Leadership Workshop - Overcoming Perfectionism

What is Perfectionism Costing You?

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When it comes to perfectionism, there’s a fine line between wanting to excel and fearing failure.

People with perfectionist tendencies habitually judge and measure themselves by what was not accomplished, rather than what was.

Another trait of perfectionism is being highly critical and judgmental, especially regarding themselves, never feeling “good enough.”

Perfectionism usually evolves into a vicious cycle of setting unrealistic expectations, which in turn leads to failure and worsens already low self-esteem. In this world today, we are constantly striving for perfection, and it seems like no one is willing to give us a break

The more a person struggles with and fails to meet their own expectations, the worse they inevitably feel about themselves. The harder a perfectionist strives to meet impossible expectations in an attempt to boost their self-worth, the more their self-worth suffers in the end.

My goal is to prevent and help you from becoming part of this downward spiral of regret and shame. If you are already at that point, I am here to give you some tools to battle this and succeed in this fight!

During this experience, you will finally have the chance to understand the thought process of perfectionism and at which point this becomes harmful, as well as steps you can take to overcome this destructive behavior.

The Truth About Perfectionism

The hard truth is perfectionism can be very destructive. Not only to the individual but in other relationships as well. Here are a few truths about perfectionism you may not know:

TRUTH #1: Perfectionism is a negative behavior with a fear-based response to insecurity and uncertainty.
TRUTH #2: Perfectionism is not the same as striving for excellence.
TRUTH #3: Perfectionism is not the key to success.
TRUTH #4: Perfectionism makes you hold on to all the wrong things, such as how you think things should be.
TRUTH #5: Perfectionism often leads to anxiety and depression.

The good news is perfectionism is not something you’re born with. You have the power to change your thoughts and behavior. I’m not saying it will be an easy journey, but you deserve to feel better about yourself and enjoy life!

Hosted by:

Marshall Townsend II

Find Joy in Life's Imperfections!

During this webinar, I am motivated to share the truth about perfectionism, how it limits people, and strategies to overcome it!

Your perfectionism may be a problem if you take procrastination to the extreme.
Your perfectionism may be a problem if you feel anxious in social settings.
Your perfectionism may be a problem if you avoid trying new things.

Life is too short! The time for enjoying life is now. No matter how deep in you think you are, there are always ways out. You don’t have to settle for mediocre or give up on wanting to excel. Finding a healthy balance is key to overcoming your perfectionism.

This is guaranteed to be an eye-opening webinar for both perfectionists and loved ones alike!

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